(Ages 11 & Under)

Make saving fun and visual for your kiddos! With a Youth Savings Account with Spokane Federal, we'll provide exciting rewards and interactive learning opportunities for your kids to grasp the concepts of saving and the value of money.

Features include:
  • Prizes when they make a deposit
  • A Feddy Bear sinch pack filled with:
    • SpoFed Piggybank
    • Activity Book and crayons
    • Extra toys
  • Free coin counting
Email Member Service to open an account for your kiddo today!

Members under 18 must have an adult joint on the account.

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Affordable Summer Activities!
June 4, 2019 • Momcents

Affordable Summer Activities!

By Momcent's Mom, Krista Felker I'm quickly figuring out that as my kids get older, the more expens


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