Youth Accounts

Because your kids are our future.

We feel it's our duty to help educate the future of our community. Spokane youth continue to amaze us and we know that with a strong foundation of good saving habits, smart shopping skills, generosity and responsible money management, they will be set up for even brighter futures. Our hope is this knowledge will then be passed along for generations to come.



(Ages 11 & Under)

Make saving fun and visual for your kiddos! With a Youth Savings Account with Spokane Federal, we'll provide exciting rewards and interactive learning opportunities for your kids to grasp the concepts of saving and the value of money. Features include:

  • Prizes when they make a deposit
  • A Feddy Bear sinch pack filled with:
    • SpoFed Piggybank 
    • Activity Book and crayons
    • Extra toys
  • Free coin counting


(Ages 12-16)

Teenage years are the perfect time to actively practice the balance between spending, saving, and sharing wisely. Often times, this is when youth really gain a concept of what their money can get them. It's crucial to teach healthy spending habits and touch on simple budgeting for wise money management. When your youth reach this age, they have access to all of the following options: 

  • Their first debit card!
  • $15 gift card to Amazon or iTunes with their first checking account
  • Sweet SpoFed swag 
  • Free coin counting


(Ages 17-22)

So it's time to think about your "next steps". Whether it's venturing into the world of work or higher education (or maybe both), having a realistic idea of what your financial situation is can help you balance what you really want to do, while also remaining within the boundaries of your budget! At this age, you have access to all of the following options: 

  • Access to a debit card
  • Access to a Visa Rewards ScoreCard® with $500 limit 
  • $100 gas card with your first auto loan
  • Sweet SpoFed swag 
  • Free coin counting

Pike, age 6.  He loves going to the lake, playing baseball, watching Disney Channel's Walk the Prank and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza.

Email Member Service to open an account for your kiddo today!

Members under 18 must have an adult joint on the account.  Debit card, Visa Rewards ScoreCard®, and auto loan eligibility may vary based on approved credit. Some restrictions may apply.

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